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Password Manager

Queue the infomercial questions.

Are password complexities becoming too complex?
Do you reuse passwords?Constantly resetting your passwords?
Entered the wrong password too many times?
Leaving passwords at home or at the office?

Get a password manager today!

With data breaches happening what feels like almost everyday it is almost a no brainier as to why you should use one. They make our lives easier while securely storing important data at our finger tips. The most popular of password managers are free or cost less than you spend on coffee each month, which just makes them hard to say no to.

Okay which one?

Great question, whomever you feel that you can trust. With most of the hosted password managers out there being proprietary we have to trust that they are doing what they say they are. They have everything to lose if they have a data breach so it is in their best interest to keep your data secure.It may help narrow one down based on features. What we look for in password managers are:

  • Browser Extensions
  • Mobile App
  • Device Compatibility
  • Hosted Online
  • Ability to import/export

Based on this list from Wikipedia the following meets our define criteria from above.

  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane
  • Lastpass

Just do it!

Do some research and pick one. Going forward you will only have to remember one password ever again. Though that one password should be a great one and easy to remember. We are thankful to be using one, and bet you will be to.