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Cloud Services

Thinking about moving away from on-premise? It might be the right time to move your servers out of your office and into the cloud. Here at Deswerve we can help answer any of your questions. There are many reasons to move from physical servers to a cloud provider such as:

Reducing maintenance costs
Minimizing Risk
Improving uptime
Reducing technology footprint
CapEx to OpEx
Potential ROI savings

But is it the right thing to do? For most companies it can be. A great example of moving a service to the cloud would be your e-mail, usually a time consuming intricate bundle of services that are business critical. Without safe guards provided by cloud services in place it can halt communications, lead to possible data loss, and have legal/financial ramifications. However, there may be some things that you might not want to move off site as it may be cost prohibitive, drastic change to work flow, or slow your team down. These items may be your line of business applications (CRM, Quickbooks, etc), latency sensitive services, or vast amounts of files. While we can come up with solutions to address these situations, the value for your company may not be there yet.